Don Peek Argues for God in New Book ‘The Now Nexus’

Author Don Peek’s new book “The Now Nexus: An Ontology for the Coming Age” (published by WestBow Press) is an argument in favor of the existence of God, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. The book examines the workings of the Holy Spirit and personifies them as Truth, as well as attempting to dispel fear, anxiety, pride and ego.

“The Now Nexus” is a new and spirited argument in favor of Christ that attempts to leverage the media’s strong attraction to the New Age “Now” movement. “So many moral mavens in our culture doubt the existence of Our God and His Son Jesus Christ,” Peek says. “This work attempts to testify to the abiding truth of Jesus Christ and reveal the supernatural connection to Him that is now available to those that accept Him as Truth.”

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